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Glucose foods

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    Can anyone tell me what kinds of food contain high concentrate of glucose?

    thank you.
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    Candy / soft drinks / anything sweet... but you probably knew that.
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    Very high glycemic index
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    i guess so... thats for people who have insulin problems? diabetics?
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    pasta, rice, bread things of that nature. basically a lot of stuff that is cut out of an atkin's diet.
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    i heard it is bad for the body
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    As a type II diabetic I have been on the receiving end of a lot of diet advice. One thing I was told and you can check out is that potatoes are quickly converted to some sugar (I don't know if it's glucose) in the bloodstream
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    Honey, maple syrup and some fruits such as http://www.encyclopedia.com/html/g1/glucose.asp [Broken] such as; candy, chewing gum, jams, jellies, and table syrups.

    Many foods contain other sugars such as; sucrose, maltose, fructose and lactose. When consumed, these sugars can raise your blood-glucose levels and if metabolized further are converted to energy, carbon-dioxide and water. Starches (pasta, bread, rice, potato) are complex carbohydrates and do not contain glucose as such, but larger molecules. When metabolized, starches will also increase your blood-glucose level.
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    Hmm.. :surprised: Are there any sugars we cannot digest!!??

    Yes, lactose-intolerants do not process lactose. But I'm referring to the human digestive tract in the
    "most tolerant" :rolleyes: humans.

    :shy: There might be some sugars we cannot digest--....I mean what are they?
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    Yes, but glucose is not bad at all and it only contains a little bit of glucose. Glucose is good because it activates your brain to know it is getting food in. What is wrong with all those things is the fructose in it. fructose becomes for most of the part fat and it doesn't give a signal to the body that there is comming in nutritions! So think twice before giving your kids a coke; coke is hitting the liver, even better coke = ethanol (beer) without the buzz!
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    The only thing why an atkin's diet works is because it's cutting out all fructose by it! So actually eating small amounts of glucose and complex carbs is good for you.
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    You are starting a conversation with someone who has not been on the forum for two years. Please watch the date of a thread before replying, or start a new one if you want to discuss something.
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