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Gmail Tap - Keyboard Revolution

  1. Apr 3, 2012 #1
    For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, did google get you with this?

    Gmail Tap

    Google typically does some pretty clever things for April Fools, and I typically see right through. This one got me though, I thought to myself, "Oh great now I'll have to learn Morse Code."

    I was actually stupid enough to talk about it after we had a lab meeting when we were just sitting around, shooting the breeze. Someone finally said, "No dude, its just their April Fools prank."

    I love how they had LL Cool J on as an engineer. Kudos to them, they finally got me.

    Anyone else?
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    I'm pretty sure "You can tap it in the kitchen", etc. is a euphemism for sex.
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    ...or, a dirty mind.

    The video was funny, but unfortunately I go about disbelieving everything new in terms of story development on April's fools.
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    Actually I would not mind if they made a two button option to tap out letters in
    Morse code on a smart phone (creating the ultimate geek device). I learned this skill for amateur radio and
    found it a very efficient method of representing characters. For those who may have missed it,
    here is a clip that illustrates this.
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    The video I posted was a follow up to the original (a link on that site is available if I remember correctly). The initial video got me, this one was pretty transparent. The tapping it in the kitchen etc is a dead give away, but you have to admire the production value of the video's and the overall serious tone of the whole thing with outrageous statements like, "The QWERTY keyboard is just overwhelming," or, "This technology will help people with fat fingers." They even had a guy there who is the supposed great grandson, or something to that effect, of Samuel Morse talking about bringing back Morse code because its more efficient.
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