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God, is he perfect? And why did he create us?

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    Alright these are the things I think about at night before I go to bed. Not saying they are right just saying think about it.

    God exists, it's logic. Something, some being, had to create reality. The contraversy in my mind is why he created us and His mind set or anatomy. When things were "perfect", and I am using what I know from the Bible, Lucifer was God's right-hand-angel. Lucifer thought he could do God's job. So he brought this idea to God and God liking Lucifer so much gave him a chance to forget about it. Lucifer said no he could be God. So God banished him along with 1/3 of the follower angels. Lucifer still believed that he could be God. So God said to him, "I'll show you how great I am," and he created man. And Lucifer responed by tempting them and getting them to betray God. These events infer that we were created out of spite. These events also might challenge the perfectness of God. God is suppose to be perfect and logic suggests that something so corrupt as man cannot spawn from something so perfect. Another is something so perfect as God cannot create something so evil in nature and something that will betray Him. Something interesting about the story of Adam and Eve is the "Tree of Knowledge". It is very interesting how the tree that they were banned from is call that. God limited what we know because we might figure something out that he did not want us to know. We were created in the image of God and He is suppose to be perfect and we are not. Does that not suggest that God might not be?

    Alright I'm putting that out there, please have an open mind and consider this carfully and get back to me on what you think about that.
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    We weren't created, we evolved. Even if we were intentionally mutated into being by a user of our species, we came from tissue that evolved, or the manipulator came from some evolutionary process.

    As far as our Creation goes, we evolved.

    If there were a supreme creator of this universe, or multiverse, the supreme creator would not have the sexual characteristics of large hairless male ape, unless the creator had a huge sense of humor.

    Sometimes my daughter's Schnauzer catches his reflection in the glass that covers a picture that has been sitting at floor level for a while. I wonder if he thinks he is seeing a godlike dog, or if he wonders if god is a male schnauzer?
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