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Good documentary

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    helle there!

    im new here on this site, been active without a account but now i made one to join the forums!
    so im looking for good documentarys that does not contain false information or very old ones ( dont mind old ones if the information is right!!)
    im really into technology and i like everything about space.
    its not that iam super smart about space and now alot of the math stuff. but i like the story's about our solar system and gasses other stars some explanation etc.
    do you guys know some good documentarys or some you say,
    ''you must see this!''

    thanks for reading all have a nice day

    greetz Slagathor
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    There's a series of documentaries from the UK called "Horizon" that I quite like, they touch on a lot of scientific topics from cosmology, geology, physics, chemistry, maths etc and are usually very engaging! I watched "Fermat's Last Theorem" recently and it was fascinating!

    I'm sure it's not legal in most countries, but you can watch them online, I'll leave that as a Google exercise for you. :)

    There are a few other science doco series affiliated with the BBC too, I think PBS is one? Modern Marvels is cool too, it's from the US and it's more engineering focused.
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