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  1. I am close to ending my own life, but i have yet to finalise the how and when. I have been considering it for some time, over 2 years, and have narrowed down my method to the following four choices.

    Now i looked around, and not supprisingly there arnt many good resources on effective suicide, most of these techniques are not without the chance of failure which is what worries me most.

    So based on the probabillity of success, style and enjoyment factor, vote for the the one you would recommend.

    I am thinking 1 or 3, more favourable of 3. :surprised
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  3. wolram

    wolram 3,552
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    Do not be so bloody stupid, even if you are joking it is not funny, only a coward ends his/her life this way, i would love to kick the crap out of you
    for even thinking of such a pathetic way out.
  4. Hootenanny

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    3trQN, Please will go and talk to someone about this? I am very worried now. You really should share your thoughts with people, it will help! Suicide is an awful thing and I don't condone it under any circumstances, there is always another way out. As wolfram says, if this is intented as a joke it is NOT FUNNY.

    To the mentors, I think this thread should be locked.

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  5. There is only one way you should consider going - peacefully of old age. Live a long and worthwhile life you weren't put here to waste it all.
  6. arildno

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    Mentors alerted in order to DELETE this thread.
  7. I am not scared. I am of sound mind and judgement. I wouldnt joke about this.

    Funny actually, wiki explanation of coward

    Pleade vote...
  8. You want to give a lifetime of misery to those you'll leave behind? :mad:
  9. wolram

    wolram 3,552
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    well i urge the mentors (not) to close this thread, we have some one here that thinks he/she is sound in mind and judgement, well that is a laugh
    (i am sane so i want to kill myself) you great plonker ,would the world change i doubt it, would any one care, for sure they would, me for one
    so get of your soap box and start living life, it (is) the only one you have.
  10. Well if your of sound mind, why not go talk to your doctor about it? What, at this point, would you have to loose?
  11. Sound mind, not a coward but why so selfish and ungratefull that you would inflict this on those around you? Take the time to look around its a wonderful world, have a look at the pictures submitted to the forum competition.
  12. Astronuc

    Staff: Mentor

    I personally don't think you should do it.

    I think old age is the best way to leave the world, and be able to look back on what one has achieved. :approve: :smile: :cool:

    Rather than ending your life now, go and do something good first, and do another good thing, and keep at it for the next several decades.

    Go and enjoy the sun. :smile: That usually helps get one out of depression.

    In fact, go a visit a dying patient in hospice, and see what life is about.
  13. True, It is unfortunate that those close to me will be upset by my death, i will be taking steps to reduce any burden and lessen the impact as much as i can.

    What age is old age? When is old enough to die? when you cant speak or eat, barley walk or go to the bathroom? When you can no longer work to earn a living?

    I've seen pleanty of old age, and its not somthing im willing to endure.

    My death will be the best thing ive ever done, I dont feel guilt over my right to choose not to live.

    Quite possibly my freedom to take my own life is what i have to loose, but your comment is the least bias and most rational of them all.
  14. Astronuc

    Staff: Mentor

    That maybe the time to consider ending one's life, but I don't think you're there yet.

    My grandfather lived to 103 yrs and 6 months. He was active until the last 6 months. He served people in his community.

    On the other hand, my youngest brother died at the age of 34 from leukemia. Even when he was hurting, he wanted to live for his son who was 3 years old. My brother had just started his medical practice as an OB/Gyn and obstetrical surgeon, and apparently he was very good according to his peers and senior doctors.

    Where there is life, there is hope. :smile:

    Life is a journey, and at times it is a challege, and occasionally the challenges might seem insurmountable. But it is not yet time to quit.
  15. wolram

    wolram 3,552
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    oh i gess you have suffered so much pain in life, but did you know that
    most people that do them selfs in crap their pants, and coroners are not
    very gentle with your remains.
  16. Astronuc

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    3trQN, have you read "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"?
  17. Moonbear

    Moonbear 11,955
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    3trQN, please contact a local support center and talk about your plans and why you have reached this point. Let them help you. Two years is a long time to have such feelings, and they might be able to help you find ways to make changes so you can get past those feelings and still be alive and have a bright future.

    Here is one resource you can try:

    Find your local branch and give them a call...please.
  18. No, I havent, but ive seen the original film.
  19. I don't know whether I've ever been in your shoes or not 3trQN because at the few stages of my life where I have been really down and thought about such things as this...the three things that made me tell myself to stop being such a di*khead are
    a) the fact that I don't want to stop existing! Don't know what religion if any you subscribe to but I really think that being alive > not being alive
    b) I would be causing a lot more hurt to everyone else...the action would ensure that their opinions of me would be greatly reduced...yeah yeah... you can say what do I care if I'm dead etc.. but it's still an awful thing to do to people.
    c) What would I have had to gain?...absolutely nothing!...what do I have to lose?...everything

    One more thing...when I was depressed *absolutely no-one* knew about it let alone proclaiming it to the world that I'm gonna top myself...and what should be the best way to snuff it! need to get this thing..whatever it is, sorted (without killing yourself).

    Yet another thing...whats going to be the last thing thats gonna go through your mind as you're jumping off a great height with a video feed (or your other choices)..."yeah man, check this out... people are gonna think I'm awesome" or "sh*t...this was a bad idea...I don't want to do this no more"
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  20. wolram

    wolram 3,552
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    I have not seen a decent film in ages what is your favorite ?
  21. Astronuc

    Staff: Mentor

    The book is way better.

    Meanwhile, I would recommend following Moonbear's advice.
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