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Quantum Good self study books for physics of quantum computing

  1. Dec 18, 2015 #1
    Hello everyone, I'm an undergraduate double majoring in physics and math. I have one year left after this one, then I plan to go to grad school for theoretical physics (not sure what field yet).
    My professor keeps suggesting the physics side of quantum computing as a good career route and I'm just wondering what some good textbooks are for an introduction to quantum computing for physicists. There are many books out there but they mostly focus on the computer science. I'm told the field is large enough that physicists are hired just to study the physics, and not the CS, and I'd like to just study these aspects.
    I greatly appreciate any responses!
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    I believe what you're looking at is the field of quantum information. The "classic" introductory textbook for this is the aptly named Quantum Computation and Information by Nielsen and Chuang.
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    Yes, I used also this book of Nielsen and Chuang, I think it is the best for starting ...
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    Nielsen and Chuang has the relevant chapter 7 on physical implementations. But it came out in 2000 so it necessarily missed a number of important developments like the KLM linear optical scheme or measurement-based scheme for quantum computing. There is a newer https://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Optical-Quantum-Information-Processing/dp/0521519144 by Kok and Lovett that contains these topics.

    Currently there is also a cross fertilization between quantum information/computing and many-body physics but I'm not aware of a good textbook on the subject. (I'm not too crazy about Quantum Information Meets Quantum Matter but someone else might like it.)
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