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Good website full of high school algebra practice problems?

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    My mom is going back to (nursing) school and has to take math next semester. So she's looking for some (high school level) algebra practice problems. Does anyone know of a good website for that? If you have any book suggestions, that'd be nice too, but she'd prefer a website.
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    here's one of the first things that came up when i searched for algebra problems:
    there are a bunch more similar sites on the first page of results
    there's a schaum's outline of precalculus, and they also do another one called "3000 solved problems in precalculus". i don't know if they do one on high school algebra if that's what she really wants.
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    Think more basic. A good number of states have exit exams or standardized exams in specific subjects, like algebra. Find some review books for the exams. In New York, they're called the regents and you're looking for sequential I and Integrated Algebra review books.

    On that note:
    bbc schools higher math
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