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Google's e.

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    Am I the only person who looks at the e in google's site, and sees a wicked laughter of the e?

    I noticed this 3-5 years ago, I guess that was intentionally by them, cause from reading the code book I remember reading that the letter 'e' is the most frequent used in the english language.
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    I lookd at thir hom pag and noticd that th '' is tradmarkd. I doubt thy can do that, but I'm not taking any chancs ithr.
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    Wow, never noticed that until now. That e is laughing maliciously all right!
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    I just see the queen.
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    Good catch! So w ar so dpndnt of googl now. what to do in this catch twnty two. How to cop with an ""-lss futur?
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    Simply ignorə th€ir stupid tradЄmarks, this way or anothεr.
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