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  1. May 11, 2009 #1
    Ok, so I timed out while writing this post (at work) so I will summarize:

    - I'm new to the forums, and I look forward to meeting new colleagues and friends.

    - I've been accepted to San Diego State, San Jose State, San Francisco State, Cal State LA and Cal State Long Beach for MS programs in Physics.

    - I'd like to get advice on the strengths and weaknesses of these schools, if possible. Anything you know about any of these schools? Any advice?

    - I'm looking to go into Renewable Energy, specifically Photovoltaic Module Fabrication & Design. Which would be the best school - of those listed - to pursue this at?

    - I'm visiting SDSU, CSULA and CSULB next week; what questions should I ask the Graduate Advisors? When I take tours of the departments, what things should I be looking for in the labs/classrooms/elsewhere?

    - I know these aren't top tier schools and I'm not a prestigious student, however I'm committed to working hard in whatever program I do attend and am earnestly asking for advice, so please refrain from comments not related to the topic at hand.

    Once again, I look forward to hearing from everyone!

    - LelandHockey
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  3. May 12, 2009 #2

    I'm a recruiter from Cal State LA. In regards to our Physics department, I would highly reccomend you get in contact with Dr. William Taylor, Professor of Physics Emeritus at our university: wtaylor@calstatela.edu. He is very student oriented and could hopefully point you in the right direction. Hopefully we're the right campus for you, if not, I wish you the best in your academic career.

    Frank Cornelio

    Our wonderful Dr. Taylor: http://www.calstatela.edu/dept/physics/wtaylor.jpg [Broken]
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