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Grad/Undergrad Texts: Any Topic

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    The following websites offer thousands of free textbooks and course lecture notes, downloadable in pdf and other formats, searchable by topic, spanning sciences and mathematics of all types, levels, and branches.

    http://www.techbooksforfree.com/science.shtml" [Broken]

    http://mathbooks.110mb.com/mylist.php" [Broken]



    http://www.widernet.org/digitalLibrary/DigitalLibraries.htm" [Broken] (links to a host of other online book/text sources)
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    Oh my god, I love you, I wish this had some a couple of days earlier so I could have taken advantage of it and not bombed...but at least I can use it for the final. I am taking advanced multivariable calculus right now and the textbook we are using is absolutely atrocious...terrible explanataions, no examples of 90% of the theorems they derive, barely any practice questions and no answers to them anyway so they're not much good...But right off the bat I found an awesome textbook on the "Textbooks in Mathematics" site that contains exactly the material from my course, and it has awesome explanations with examples and practice questions with answers :D
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    really wonderful work
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    I second best effect is to buy your own book.
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