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Homework Help: Grammes/second to litres/second

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    I am really struggling to convert g/s to l/s.
    Im sure it has something to do with the desity of air but am not sure.

    I have to convert 41.7g/s to l/s to find volumetric efficiency.

    I am jst completely stuck, if anyone could give me any pointers that would be great!!

    Density of air = 1.205kg/m2

    Thank you everyone.
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    It definitely has to do with the density of air.
    This should be 1.205 kg/m3
    You have 41.7 g/sec = 41.7 g/sec * (1/1000)kg/g * 1/1.205 m3/kg * (?) l/m3.

    Replace ? above with the number of liters in 1 m3 and do the calculation. All the units cancel so that you're left with l/sec.
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