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Grand Unified Field Theory

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    Hi there people. Just wanted to bring up the idea of unified field theory and see what you think about it and so forth..... create a dialogue or even a tryalogue.

    Is it or is it not the general crown jewels of science to find a theory that can be applied to any system and therefore predict outcomes etc??

    Does anyone know anything about this or have a comment?
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    There are LOTS of online rsources...for a quick introduction try:


    GUT is basically trying to combine a quantum theory and General Relativity in a new formulation in extreme conditions where neither individual theory currently works ....due to extreme gravitational and mass densities...like black holes and "big bang"...
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    Thanx Naty1, but I was more interested in hearing peoples thoughts on it. I know what it is supposed to be and everything......

    In fact I know what the solution to the theory is. :wink:
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    Whatever you do don't tell the people here. Write up a paper and submit it and kick back and bask in the glory. I knew if I waited around here long enough someone would come in and solve everything.
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