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Gravitational effect on magnetism

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    Does gravity affect the way magnets interact with one another? Would the same magnet be stronger in a low gravitational field (just empty space) compared to let's say jupiter?
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    Nile3, gravity, if we are talking about pure static gravity of normal strengths, does not significantly affect the way magnets interact with one another. The force on one magnet is the linear superposition of the local gravitational force and the magnetic force from the other magnet. On the atomic and molecular levels--and ferromagnetic phenomena are atomic or molecular level phenomena--gravitational forces that are normally encountered are negligible compared to electromagnetic forces, and so we expect no interaction. If the gravitational field were strong enough to compress the source magnetic enough to significantly change the distance between the ferromagnetic atoms in the source magnet, the source magnet could cease to be ferromagnetic, but I am assuming here that the gravity field is not that strong. Physicists are seeking a Unified Field Theory that could reveal presently unknown relationships between the different fields, but we presently know of no way that a gravitational field can directly create or significantly affect a magnetic field.
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