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Gravitational Wave Detection Project Help

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    I am doing a project on Gravitational Wave Detection Techniques, and I am already done with preparing the apparatus for that , its kid of Michelson Interferometer with some minor additions , the wave detection is based on the same basic principle of fringe shift due to path difference in two rays of light , due to disturbances in local spacetime fabric .

    But the problem is that at such a small level , its difficult to practically show any determinable fringe shifts , because of highly low intensity GW's at ground level , please advice me , how should I go about , taking my apparatus more closer to the real thing , is there a possibility that somehow I can modify the weak signals ??... should I create a model of planets , and show how the fringe shift is related to the intensity of cosmic GW passed???....Can someone pls guide me , or give me a link to a paper/site that studies the fringe shift with the intensity of wave passed in mathematical form ... etc.

    Any sort of additions to my project if possible ..pls advice

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    You should contact someone about it.
    I don't know where you live, but there is a grav wave lab in Western Australia. Contact Prof D. Blair and with some luck he might tell you about supermirrors and all sorts of stuff.
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