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B Gravity and the Direction of Time

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    I recently read an interesting article published in Physical Review Letters in October 2014 - "Identification of a Gravitational Arrow of Time." There were also other articles in several general interest science magazines.

    It seemed like it could be a big deal, but I haven't read anything else about it with a date after 2014. What happened? Did it turn out to be incorrect or unimportant? Were there rebuttals? Was no one interested? I am curious to know what happened next.
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    I do not in the slightest claim to understand the paper itself, but this section may elucidate why it didn't have bigger repercussions:

    "We emphasize that in this Letter we make no claim to explain all the various arrows of time. We are making just one point: an arrow of time does arise in at least one case without any special initial condition, which may therefore be dispensable for all the arrows."

    The way it sounds this is a very narrow result, and thus not generally applicable.
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    Thanks for the response. Articles are always full of qualifications like that. It still seems like it could be a big deal, even if it's only in a limited sense. I'd still like to know why it's not.
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