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Homework Help: Grease supply to 4 seals with different pressure gradients

  1. Apr 16, 2015 #1
    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical engineering forums, so no HH Template is shown >

    Hey. We are a group of 4 students, working with a project.
    The focus is directed towards the supply of hydraulic fluid. Four different piston cylinders subjected to different gradient pressures needs to be supplied with lubrication, but the volumeflow needs to be the same at each supplyline. We are not sure how to manage to achieve same volumeflow in each supplyline when the pressure gradients are different. We have been thinking about installing a pump for each supply line, but that will take to much place. Everithing needs to be minimized. Do you guys have some ideas? Answers will be much appreciated!

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    Just use different tube diameters to regulate the flow rates? Even easier would be just to use clamps on nylon tubing so you can make fine adjustments to the flow.
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    Sorry, i forgot to say the gradient pressures may change. So different diameters on each supply line would not work. And if one of the pistons would break, the 3 remaining would work as redundancy and the pressure will increase over the 3 remaining pisotons. Is it easy to adjust the diameter using clamps on nylon tubing?
    Thanks for answers
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    So you are pushing grease into the pistons at the lowest part of the piston cycle?

    Can you place the pistons vertically and just spray them all continuously at the lowest piston point collect the waste oil and recycle it? (allowing the piston head to reach a freshly oiled part of the cylinder when it reaches the low point and carry the oil up the cylinder.)

    It is easy to adjust the diameter of nylon tubing finely with a bar clamp which is opened and closed by screws either side of the tubing.
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    So you basiclly mean you can distribute the grease through one supply line, to the bottom seal, and then to the seal above, and so on? But how is it possible to go from 75 bar to 50 bar, 50 to 25? Will this be a serial connection instead of a parallell connection?

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