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Grounding / Earthing. What does these lines mean?

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    Hello Everyone,
    I have a 5 ampere weighing equipment & need it to ground properly. It is about 80 feet away from soil point. (Direct wire to the equipment will be used & long term connection is required).

    Manufacturer says that:

    "There must be a good third wire ground, preferably to a true ground or ground rod. Then check the resistance to that ground to all the contact surfaces of the equipment. There should be 0 ohms resistance since the static generated by the motion of the product needs a place to go".

    1: What metal rod/wire or some thing else will be enough to use to vertically or horizentaly drive in soil. Length + diameter & other specifications. What size device will work in this case.
    I need to be much closer to 0 ohms resistance. This is the actual target.
    I can have digital clamp meter which have 200, 20k, 20M & 2000M ohms options.

    2: Green (Ground) wire of the equipment is still to be ground as there is no ground connection to the wall socket.
    Shall I need two rods?
    First to connect with green wire & the second to connect with equipment's metal frame?
    Or the same rod will be used to connect Green wire & Metal Frame?

    3: For my reference please inform after grounding Green Wire & Metal frame how I can check resistance just like one can check voltage readings with a meter in hand by using probes. Please inform step by step.
    Means to say how i can say or proof that resistance to the ground to all the contact surfaces of my equipment is 0 or any other reading that displays.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Azee. http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/5725/red5e5etimes5e5e45e5e25.gif [Broken]

    I understand your question, but I'll leave it for others to answer as it's outside my area. But it might help if you were to indicate whether your factory, etc., has metal water pipes that are laid under the ground.
    Just clarify this. You are saying that no wall sockets in that building have three pins? They are all two pins? What is your electricity voltage?
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    I want you to reply my question. Please don't leave it for other.
    The Weighing equipment is on the 1st floor of my house. I have water pipes but that grounding is insuficient. I need to directly ground the equipment with a rod or so.
    Equipment power supply cable has three wires or leads
    1: Black "Hot"
    2: White "Neutral"
    3: Green "for Grounding" or "Earthing".

    There is a three pin female wall socket near equipment often used for plugin Air conditioner power supplies. This Three Pin Female Wall Socket ONLY supplies Phase "Hot" & "Neutral" connection & there is NO "Earth" or "Ground" connection in it.
    I also use Three Pin Male Plug to plugin above socket but without Green Wire.
    I want to connect this green wire coming from the equipment supply cable DIRECTLY to a ROD driven in ground or so.
    I also want to take a seperate cable that connects equipment's frame to Rod or so.
    Please help.
    Equipment is 110 VAC & is being operated with 220VAC to 110VAC inverter. Equipmnet need 110-120VAC to run & i have adjusted Servo Motor Inverter Potentometer around 116VAC.
    Awaiting reply.
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    You need to consult a qualified electrician in your area. We cannot help you self-install electrical equipment when you already have wiring problems in your house. You need an electrician to help you run ground wires in your house.

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