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Guidance on completing an Engineering Degree as mature student!

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    I am a Protection & Control Techologist at a major Power Utility in Ontario, Canada. As my title implys, I am not an engineer but instead an Electrical Techologist (three year Community College Program in Ontario, Canada). I perform daily maintenance and commissioning of new and existing Power Equipment Protection and Control. It was always my goal to become an Engineer but in my senior year of highschool I lost my motivation and settled with a technology program instead (not sure what Technologists are refered as in the US, maybe associate degree). However I do wish to still complete my engineering degree or at least further my knowledge of the Protective Relaying discipline as well as other Power System Engineering Topics. Are there any Fellow Techologists/Technicians, Engineers, Masters of Engineering or PhD Engineers out there that may be able to provide guideance on how to accomplish this goal. A few ideas I have so far are: perform a type of self-taught engineering program via MIT OCW, take a web based engineering program or Protective Relaying Program, take a few years of work and complete my degree, or take Manufacturer/University taught protective relay courses/conferences. One area of protective relaying I would definitely wish to expand my knowledge in is Generator Protection specifically for a 900MW+ size synchronous generator. Well, I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read my posting. Hopefully you will be able to assist myself in completing my career goals. Feel free to add any questions you may have to the post. I may also be able to help you complete your own career goals. Thanks.
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    Have you looked into Distance Education programs? A lot of Universities offer these types of programs for people in your situation.

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    You're probably not going to find any university offering an education so specific that it addresses "Generator Protection specifically for a 900MW+ size synchronous generator" or "Protective Relaying." Those sound more like topics that your employer should teach you while on the job.

    You should speak to your HR representative at your company. I've never heard of a technical employer yet that doesn't actively encourage employees to obtain additional education. They can probably tell you about tuition reimbursement programs and university partnerships they already have established.

    - Warren
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