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Guy falling into black hole sees end of universe

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    I still dont understand this fully. Can someone please explain? I saw a video where an analogy was made, the distant observer is like an accelerating observer in flat spacetime and guy falling in is like an inertial observer, is it just like the coordinates of the distant observer from the black hole only covers up to the horizon (but not including the horizon itself)?

    What EXACTLY does the guy falling in see?
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    He doesn't see the end of the universe. Light from outside coming in has to catch him before he hits the singularity; only light emitted a fairly short time after he falls in can do that.
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    Either the video is wrong or you've misunderstood it.

    The infaller does not get to see the end of the universe or anything of that sort. He falls through the event horizon without anything remarkable happening and dies horribly but quickly when he reaches the central singularity. Light from events happening in the outside universe also moves through the horizon to the central singularity; if that light doesn't reach the infaller before he dies, he doesn't see those events.

    You might want to give this paper a try: http://arxiv.org/abs/0804.3619
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