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Hamiltonian systems, integrability, chaos and MATH

  1. Mar 6, 2010 #1
    Hi there,

    My objective is to study Hamiltonian systems, integrable and non integrable systems, where there will be chaos, etc. I have a general idea of everything.. the destroyed tori, the symplectic structure of hamilton's equations, etc. But nothing is very clear to me! And the most frustrating part of all this is that everything I want to know seems to be described in rich details in this book: V.I. Arnold - Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics. But I don't think it's written in any terrestrial language. :confused:

    Is there a other way to approach this subject? Don't get me wrong, I love math but to master this book's content I would need a whole year, if not more, probably.

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    Which is a very reasonable amount of time for this subject. If you try to do it any faster than that, you'll just end up being frustrated, and make no progress.
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    Agreed. But I just want to learn some basic concepts in this area, as this is not the main objective (I mean, it's only a "local" objective). I've already found some books and articles that are being really helpful (Ott E. Chaos in Dynamical Systems, for example, has a great discussion in it's final chapters)
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