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Handymen - info needed for wall repair

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    So we managed to damage a wall at our apartment:


    Handymen of the forums, how would you repair?
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    like this and afterwards some creativity to match the structure again.
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    Maybe flinging bits of drywall putty off a paintbrush or a plastic spoon will recreate the odd surfacing. But yes, you will likely have to cut out the small square of drywal land replace - simply filling with a putty would leave a soft surface that holds indentations.
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    It's difficult to see how big the hole is but you might be able to avoid cutting up the wall. I would carefully pry the damaged area so that it's sticking out slightly (take care to avoid popping it out completely). Then you can put some wood putty along the edges, push it back in place and let it harden. After the putty has hardened for a day, you can use some plain-old white toothpaste to touch up the color of the edges where the putty is showing through.
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    Get a jar of non-shrinking spackling, fill in dent, let dry, smooth flat with a fine sandpaper, a tiny paint roller used for leaving a texture dipped in matching paint, and VOILA!

    There is no need for wire patches if it's just a tiny dent like the one shown.

    The only time I had to insert a screen into the drywall to repair a hole was when my labrador retriever, AKA "JAWS OF DEATH" decided to eat a hole through the wall large enough to fit her entire hed through. I have been repairing dents and holes for decades, I'm such a nitpicky perfectionist that I have repaired the repairs done by self-professed "professionals". :redface:

    I also learned how to do wood restoration of dog chewed furniture, windowsills, baseboards, and door frames. :biggrin:
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    Do you have any paint to match. That always seems to be the hardest part. There must be at least 27 different shades of white. Home improvement stores can mach paint but you will need to take in a chip about the size of a quarter.
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    If it's a small wall, you can paint it a different color and have a fancy "accent wall". Back in hippy days, this is how you wound up with hideous flowers and other weird things painted over holes.

    Before I got around to the huge labrador hole, I just pulled a bookcase in front of it.
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