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Has path of a standing wave confined in a metal box been measured and described?

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    Has path of a standing wave confined inside a metal box been measured and described?

    I'm thinking path is circular, or, oscillates/bounces back and forth like a pendulum.

    I'm thinking of a standing wave moving inside a metal rectangular box.

    Has the path of a standing wave inside a rectangular metal box ever been measured and described?

    Where can I read this description?

    Thanks, bentlight
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    Find a textbook with a description of microwave cavities.

    And yes, this is a very well-studied problem (cavities are used in LOTS of applications, especially in microwave systems); and for rectangular cavities (=boxes) the math is actually quite easy.
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    In addition to f95toli: a standing wave stands. No back and forth movements. It's like cos(wt)*cos (pi*x/X)*cos (pi*y/Y)*cos(pi*z/Z), if needed with higher modes.
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