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Have you ever heard of the physicist Alex Abastian (sp?)

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    I'm not sure how it's spelled, Abastian, Ebastian, etc. He died recently, probably within the past year or two.
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    Statistically - every year several thousands (if not tens of thousands) people finish their physics studies, that makes them physicists. That also mens every year several thousands (if not tens of thousands) physicist die.

    Unless he was renowned for something question is way to broad for a reasonable answer.
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    If you heard the name, it could be Alex (or Alec) Sebastian or Sebastien (or even Sebastienne) not Abastian.

    But I agree, the question is too vague, unless somebody here actually knows the guy personally.
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    It might help if you could tell us what kind of physics he worked in, or what experiments he was associated with, etc.
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