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He will be missed

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    One of my favorite songs with a moog is "Lucky Man" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
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    Ah... I've heard people say before that they want a "Moog". I realized that it was a synthesizer but didn't realize why it was called a "Moog".
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    The King of Synthesizers - how sad.

    Here's an informative and interesting piece with amazing photos. Can't say I'm too impressed with the actual ADDRESS of this site, tho. :grumpy:

    http://www.obsolete.com/120_years/machines/moog/ [Broken]
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    I second the sentiment ...
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    I still have my Moog 960 analogue sequencer, I am sure I haven't turned it on in over 15 years. I may half to dust it off in his honor. I still listen to Switched on Bach from time to time. Sad to hear hes gone.
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    As someone mentioned, the Moog synthesizer was the first instrument that could compete against the electric guitar. Keith Emerson (EL&P) did wonders on the Moog (Brain Salad Surgery, particularly Karn Evil), and many other groups, like Led Zeppelin, used it as well.

    Robert Moog will be missed. It is indeed a loss.
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    I don't know who he is.
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    You've heard his instrument, though, I'm sure. The Moog Synthesizer was made famous when it was used in the film score of A Clockwork Orange.
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    I'd love a Moog.

    Rest in peace, Mister Moog.
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    What an awesome contribution to music! I agree with others that ELP was one of the most prominent demonstrators of the technology. The whole 'Trilogy' album just blows me away, but especially the Copeland stuff. RIP Mr. Moog.
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