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Heard of these even more elementary particles

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    I don't know if anyone has heard of these even more elementary particles, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preon
    There even more fundamental than quarks, i was wondering if they are well excepted into the scientific community or if its a very unlikely that they are real.
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    Re: Preons

    They are well excepted but not well accepted.
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    Re: Preons

    The problem with sub-leptonic particles is that up to now nobody understands how bound states (ordinary leptons like electrons, neutrinos and quarks) of these sub-leptonic particles can be light.

    Usually bound state masses scale with some power of 1/x where x is a typical length scale. This is a rather simple consideration which already works in quantum mechanics: from the size of the Hydrogen atom you can estimate its ionization energy. The order of magnitude comes out right.

    But neutrinos are (nearly) massles and (nearly) point like, so somehow the usual mechanism do no longer work.

    So it is not enough to put together these objects algebraically, one has to find a theory with correct dynamics.
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