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Heat transfer rate to heating time

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    i have set up an equation to get the heat transfer rate Q for a combined system where heat is transfered from a cylindrical outer wall set at 500 C. the wall heats a gas, which in turn heats a solid block of cylindrical metal positioned in the centre of the heated walls with a starting temperature of 20 C.

    the equation i have is


    and it give a result of 11.3213 Watts or the situation above.

    but too me this seems small?? am i right in thinking this?

    also can anyone tell me how i can relate this heat transfer to time. ie. know how long it would take to heat the central metal part.

    Thank you in advance.
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    could you fix the latex?
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    i could not get the equation editor to work properly (probaly the user to be fair) but i am included a hand written version as an attachment. i have managed to modifie it a bit which is giving me more sensible answers. But to get a value for time (in seconds#) i am using the below equation to get a value for q in joulse and then dividing q by Q.


    c = specific heat of the gas
    m = mass of gas
    delta T = the change in temperature


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    Hi, can you send me eveything about this equation including details the of model, description of the variable and sketch, I will look into this.....
    My email address is riscy00@googlemail.com
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