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Heater causes room temp to rise

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    Here's yet another problem causing me trouble. I just don't understand(yet again) how to begin the problem. A little nudge in the right direction would be very much appreciated!!!

    If a heater supplies 1.8 x 10^6 J/h to a room 6.5m X 4.6m X 3.0m containing air at 20 deg C and 1atm, by how much will the temperature rise in one hour, assuming no heat losses to the outside.

    I obviously already figured the volume to be V=89.7 m^3.....but lost as what to do next.

    Thanks a ton!!!

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    You need the specific heat capacity of air, which is measured in joules per gram per kelvin. Find out how much that air weighs, and then you should be able to calculate what you want with the simple formula:

    change in energy = (specific heat capacity)*(mass)*(change in temperature)

    Watch your units!
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