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Heating unit of meas. BTU/hr ft^2/deg.

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    From http://little-giant.com/pool_heating.html" [Broken]
    (The section entitled "Little Giant® Sizing For Swimming Pools
    General Requirements" about halfway down the page)

    "Using these standards, the thermal conductivity is 7 BTU/Hr. Sq. Ft./°F or 140 BTU/Hr. Sq. Ft. 20°F difference. "

    Is this "BTU/Hr. Sq. Ft." a unit of heat loss? Do they mean per square foot? or perhaps x the square footage?

    My pool has 550 square feet of surface. I want to figure out the temp. drop per mph of wind, per degree of difference in air/water temp. per hour.

    And I guess you have to factor in the volume of the pool too, though they don't. A 10 ft deep pool would suffer less temp drop than a similar-sized 4 ft deep pool.
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    They must mean per square foot (which means times square footage to get heat loss).

    They don't consider the depth because they are only interested in how much heat you need to add to keep the temp constant, not how fast the temp will drop.
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