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Hello all

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    Hello everyone. My name is Lou. It's been 32 days since ... Oops... wrong forum!

    I'm a Systems Analyst/Programmer by trade (was a Control Engineer prior to Y2K,) and a science junkie at heart.

    I live in Arizona (and yes - asphalt can have a liquid state here in the summer.) I can also attest that 'Dry Heat' is an over-rated advantage to living here. When it's 120 degrees, it 'only feels like 119. Oh Boy!

    I tend to be fairly skeptical to claims that just seem a little 'too good' to be true. Perpetual motion, free energy, that sort of thing. I did like the Simpson's episode where Lisa invented a perpetual motion machine though. Especially Homer's response: "Lisa, in this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics..."
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    Welcome loquin, love your sense of humor!
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    Hello loquin,
    I'm so disappointed that you won't be open-minded to my PM ideas, but welcome to PF:D
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