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    I was recently wondering what I could do to improve my community. I always wanted to help the kids in my neighborhood to understand that there is more to the world than pop-music, football and cellphones. I am currently working with a grant I received to build a Discgolf course in my community. After the course is done, I would like to focus somewhere else. I am here because I am exploring an idea I have about bringing people with physics knowledge together and visiting schools. If firefighters, policemen, rock bands, rappers and celebrities can do it, why not people of science. I'm not totally clear on the how or when. I do know that it NEEDS to happen. Ultimately, I'd like to get a community physics club going and focusing on things like recycling, energy and related materials. I am an mechanical engineering student, an actual ASE automotive mechanic, and currently work at a charter airline as a Technical Writer.
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