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Hello From wiki''There are a fixed number of orthogonal codes,

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    From wiki..
    ''There are a fixed number of orthogonal codes, timeslots or frequency bands that can be allocated for CDM (Sync CDMA), TDMA, and FDMA systems, which remain underutilized (to fail to utilize fully) due to the bursty nature of telephony and packetized data transmissions. ''

    My question is what does the bursty nature of telephony mean actually? So far I understnad - bursty nature means sometime very high number of transmission (i.e. phone calls) while other time it might be very low number of transmission? And when the number of calls are very low, the codes/time slots/ frequency bands are unused, hence underutilized.

    Is it right what I understand?

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    Re: Bursty!

    The typical example is a CD/DVD with a radial scratch. The damage done (noise created) is "bursty" because it is constrained to a cluster in time/space. This is why Reed-Solomon is used for error correction - it's good for bursty noise.
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