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Hello new member

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    Hello.. my name is Rick... and I like to party.
    I think that I am some kind of inventor.. cause I have ideas that can revolutionize a lot of ways of thinking..
    right now my main invention is a Hovercraft. One that uses photovoltaic energy to manipulate sensors and ionic chambers to create an equal amount of magnetic force as produced by the earth's inner core and of course change the polarity (like trying to put the same ends of a two bar magnets together). this is all an idea but starting somewhere. then we could use the lines that circle the earth from the outer core to do the same for maneuverability...lol... anyway I'm new.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Welcome to the forum, please read our rules, we do not allow personal theories here, so be sure that you understand what is allowed. :smile:
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