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Hello, Some advice choosing academic field for 3rd world country guy please.

  1. Aug 2, 2009 #1
    Hello people, this is my 1st time posting in the forum and its very nice.

    Well the thing is that i dont know what career to choose, I would like to be a engineer or something that have to do with science. I like Isaac Asimov Sci Fi (Sci Fi in general) , love thinking about future of science, robots and all that stuff, like to watch string theory or those sort of programs in Discovery, Ngeo, and like computers, and find theoretical physics interesting. But the thing is i really dont do well in Physic class( i am in 1st of bachierato and the last year of school is 2d year of bachierato, so i only left like 1 year and 5 months to choose a career) or chemistry, but i find math easy, physic is easy when i study, and math the same. I am one of those students who study one day before exam(i know that is bad),.
    Well i like to do sudokus hoping it will improve my brain, but i think the thing in school i that i dont really study , i am kinda lazy for school, but i remember as a kid my grade was the best of the final math exam, so i dont think i have brain problems(Well i practice boxing a year a go in the summer vacation, but looks like brain recovers). In my country El Salvador there are system engineering, computer science engineering are they good? do they have future?
    What about civil engineering??. Please people i need some advice to choose a career. How much time a day studying i need to be one of the top in math, physics(i dont like chemistry). Please some advice will be good.

    PS: Sorry for the long story and for my english, i live in El Salvador, Central America.
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    It sounds to me like you're already well aware of some study habit issues to me. If you choose a career in science or engineering, a lazy "study the night before" approach isn't going to carry you through university. If you want to excel, and go on to do a PhD for example, you need to put in the time and develop some good study habits.

    Also you need more than an interest in science fiction and discovery channel documentaries to pursue something like physics. I'm not trying to discourage you, but the people who do really well in these subjects are the ones who pursue them outside of school - the ones who spend time in the library reading up on topics that interest them, or take on projects outside of those assigned to them.

    Seeing as how you're not even in university yet, you still have a lot of time to make a decision on a career path. Explore the interests you have and as you advance you're likely to find one area that stands out as the one for you among the rest.
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