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Hello, this is my first post on Yours site

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    Hello, this is my first post on yours site, I thing it's great. I'm reading it for some time.

    This is my first post on Yours site. Thank you in advance for all possible answers.
    I am From USA
    Nice day is it today, but I have a question for all...

    In first , how i post message to PM...???

    Thank you very much!
    Mark. G..!!
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    To send a PM, either click on the link at the top right corner of the screen that says "private messages" where your login information is, fill in the username of the person you want to correspond with, write your message and hit "send."

    You can also click on someone's username in a post, and from the drop-down menu that appears, select "Send a private message to..." That will automatically fill in their username in the PM outgoing message, which is handy if they have a difficult to spell username, or if you don't trust your own typing.

    And welcome to PF!
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