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Help & advice need on how fs laser beam propergate in glass

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    Hi all,

    can someone kindly advice on how to model a femtosecond laser beam profile when it is focus on/into a transparent material.


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    Andy Resnick

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    This problem has been analyzed in excruciating detail. What have you found out so far?
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    Hi Andy,

    i did some experiment & found that the laser machined profile varies with polarziation.

    Thus i want to verify my observation with some modelling, but i was unsure what are the equations & approach to this.

    any suggestion or recommendation. Tks.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Then the first step is to see what other people have tried:


    C. W. Hee, B. K. A. Ngoi, L. E. N. Lim, K. Venkatakrishnan, W. L. Liang, Effect of polarization on femtosecond pulsed laser ablation of surface relief gratings using a novel interferometer, Optics & Laser Technology, Volume 37, Issue 2, March 2005, Pages 93-98, ISSN 0030-3992, DOI: 10.1016/j.optlastec.2004.02.016.

    The effect of polarization on ultrashort pulsed laser ablation of thin metal films
    Venkatakrishnan, K. Tan, B. Stanley, P. Sivakumar, N. R.

    This paper appears in: Journal of Applied Physics
    Publication Date: Aug 2002
    Volume: 92 Issue: 3
    On page(s): 1604 - 1607
    ISSN: 0021-8979
    Digital Object Identifier: 10.1063/1.1487453
    Date of Current Version: 18 June 2009
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