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"Laser Beam" (レーザービーム, "Laser Beam") is a song recorded by the Japanese girl group Perfume for their third studio album, JPN (2011). It was written, composed, arranged, and produced by Japanese musician and Capsule member Yasutaka Nakata. The single also included the A-side track "Kasuka na Kaori", which appeared on the parent album. Originally scheduled for an April 20, 2011 release, it was postponed due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami disaster. As a result, they both premiered on May 18, 2011 as the fourth single from the album in Japan. Musically, "Laser Beam" is an electronic song, influenced by 8-bit music.
Upon its release, the track garnered positive reviews from music critics. Some critics highlighted the song as one of Perfume's best singles from their album, and commended the composition. It was also successful in Japan, peaking at number two on the Oricon Singles Chart and Billboard's Japan Hot 100 chart. It was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) for physical shipments of 100,000 units. An accompanying music video was shot by Kazuaki Seki; it features the girls performing the song in a futuristic labyrinth, trying to retrieve a suitcase by a mysterious man. It was performed on the group's 2011 JPN concert tour.

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  1. Philip Koeck

    A Ponderomotive force and conservation of momentum

    According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponderomotive_force a charge in an inhomogeneous, oscillating electric field will be accelerated in the direction where the field gets weaker. One could think of a charged particle placed slightly off-center inside a laser beam. If I read the Wikipedia...
  2. sergiokapone

    I Mathematics for dancing laser beam

    Is there a math that describes these shapes at least one frequency?
  3. yglo98

    Optics. A laser beam is refracted in a piece of glass.

    A red laser with the diameter of 3mm is directed towards a piece of glass. It has the effect, P of 1mW. The angle of incidence is 90 degrees. The glass has refraction index n2= 1,5 and thickness 2 cm. Its front side is convex with a convergence radius,R, of 11 cm. The back side is plane. Whats...
  4. A

    B Wavelength of a laser beam emerging from a prism

    Summary:: If you send a laser beam through a prism, can you measure any shift in wavelength at the other side of it? This sounds like a high school experiment and the concept is simple. I feel the laser should emerge monochromatic and at the same wavelength it went in. Do you get this result...
  5. Aymangh994

    According to which criteria should I choose a laser diode?

    Hello everyone, I don't know which laserdiode and lens system should I choose for my Project. It is all about AFM Microscopy with a cantilever ( Length= 450 um, width = 50 um and thickness= 2um). So as you see it is not a small cantilever. As far as I Know, the larger the cantilever is, a larger...
  6. L

    Intensity of a laser beam at a certain distance

    I haven't been able to pinpoint a definition of "angular divergence" of a laser so by pure intuition I assumed it would be something like ##\theta=\frac{2R}{D}## and with that I have that the radius of the lase beam is ##R=\frac{D\theta}{2}=90\cdot 5 \cdot 10^{-6} m=450\ \mu m## so...
  7. M

    A Weird pattern for a laser beam spot

    Hello! I am trying to measure the gaussian profile of a laser beam, which is supposed to be T00. The profile shown in the specifications looks very Gaussian, and the laser is brand new. I am using this camera and I am using 2 of these wedges to guide the laser beam into the camera (mainly to...
  8. S

    Modes of laser propagation in cylindrical optics

    I saw the solution of the light propagates in cylinder.. so in every solution there is the first order Gaussain function (the slandered one) times another function which gives I think the separation, both of them gives the intensity separation.. So what does that mean?! is it as I draw on the...
  9. Erik Ayer

    I Interference of a fat laser beam: Tilting wave peaks

    I want to split a fat laser beam and interfere it with itself, kind of like this: The very obvious problem is that the wave peaks shown as black lines would be a whole lot closer together, so the interference fringes would be sub-microscopic. If a couple of glass wedges - oddly-shaped prisms...
  10. Behrouz

    Surface temperature-laser radiation

    Hello, I'm looking for the governing equations for the laser radiation on a surface. I understand there are several types and methods. I was wondering if there is an equation to show all the parameters in calculating a surface temperature after laser radiation for a specific time. Some of the...
  11. DEvens

    I Wave function of a laser beam?

    Summary:: Wave function of a laser beam before it hits the diffraction grating So I'm reading "Foundations of Quantum Mechanics" by Travis Norsen. And I've just read Section 2.4 on diffraction and interference. And he derives a lovely formula for the wave function of a particle after it leaves...
  12. L

    Moon Experiment: Laser Beam & Telescope for New Moon Phase

    Hello, i am going to buy a laser and a telescope powerful enough to see the laser spot on the moon. The lunar phase i choose for the experiment is New Moon, for obvious reasons. When i move the laser, i should see the light spot move on the moon surface after about 2.5 seconds, due to the light...
  13. L

    Is a particle beam or laser beam conductive?

    If particle beam or laser beam weapon would be used to cut the electrical wires in high voltage transmission lines of the enemy. Could the current conducts into the particle beam (or laser beam) itself and can short circuit in the weapon platform? I know ionized air can conduct electricity...
  14. M

    What can be used to change the direction of the laser beam?

    Let's say we have a laser beam coming from a source called X, we would like to change its direction so that it would hit directly on the object that we have. What would be the possible solutions?
  15. f77hacker

    A Rayleigh length to electron bunch emittance

    Hello, Context is Inverse Compton Scattering with an pulsed electron beam interacting with a pulsed laser. A laser has a Raleigh length of Z_r = w_o^2 * pi / lambda w_o is the the radius of the spot size, lambda is the laser frequency. I want to match this spot size to a pulsed electron bunch...
  16. Raihan amin

    How does a dielectric interact with a laser beam?

    Homework Statement A laser tweezer is a laboratory instrument, which uses highly focused laser beams to ‘trap’, hold or move small sized objects. The principle of the operation is that in the focal spot, the light intensity is inhomogeneous, and acts on the particle with a force that points...
  17. T

    Wavelength of a laser within an optical cavity

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known date Homework Equations $$\delta v=\frac{c}{2nL} \:[1]$$ $$N=\frac{\Delta v}{\delta v}=\frac{2nL\Delta v}{c} \:[2]$$ The Attempt at a Solution I am having trouble with question 5, but have come to realize I think my cavity length is...
  18. A

    3D backprojection (potential project)

    I just thought about whether it is possible, or already exists, a method to construct a 3D optical scene using the method of backprojection. First, I will capture the scene (say a castle) from different views using HD camera. Then using one of the app to stitch the 2D images into a cloud of...
  19. LarryS

    I How can laser photons have the same precise energy?

    The photons generated by a conventional quantum laser are all in the same quantum state. Doesn't that mean that they all have the same exact energy? Yet, because of energy-time uncertainty, the exact energy of any particle can never be measured. Also, the Copenhagen Interpretation says that...
  20. H

    Extracting data from a spectrometer to Excel

    Good morning, I used the Laser beam with HR4000 spectrometer with Ocean View software when saving the files it is saved by (.ocv) format. when trying to extract information to excel I get some unreadable data like (bkg thin sheet gel.png) attached. I used the same instrument and software with...
  21. Krushnaraj Pandya

    Uncertainty in the energy of a laser beam

    Homework Statement The duration of a laser pulse is 10^(-8) s. The uncertainty in its energy will be? Homework Equations ## \delta x \delta p=\frac{h}{2\pi}## The Attempt at a Solution speed of laser beam=c, duration is given so distance can be calculated exactly-shouldn't that mean delta...
  22. R

    Intensity of a Gaussian laser beam

    I have two lasers with different intensity distributions (shown below) — one is Gaussian and the other one is rectangular (having the shape of a Fresnel diffraction pattern at the target). I am trying to compare the efficacy of the two lasers for burning a certain material (I am really...
  23. ephphatha16

    Find λ of light using a laser beam and a diffraction grating

    1. What is the advantage of using class 2 laser light? I would really appreciate if reference source is also given!Homework Equations Not needed.[/B]The Attempt at a Solution Well, I thought that using monochromatic light would made it easier to measure the distance between fringes. And also...
  24. K

    Conservation of energy of a perfectly decoherent laser

    The energy and momentum of a closed system is always conserved. If a laser can emit perfectly parallel and perfectly superimposed light waves (occupy the exact same space) that are perfectly 180° out of phase and of the same frequency, what can be said about the energy and momentum of the...
  25. rnbguy

    Can a Laser Beam be Repeated Across Multiple Points?

    Hi All, I'm new here and forgive me if I've posted in the wrong section, I'm more of a computer engineering/architect guy asking a physics question. Is it possible to have a projected laser beam repeated across multiple points? between the range of 600nm-900nm ? Example, a pad that takes in...
  26. Rigel84

    Is laser beam visible in vacuum?

    This is what I understand about light. Light is electromagnetic wave, it comes from the source, bounces from the objects and we see reflected light. Let's imagine next situation. We are in a dark room and we got only one light source, a toy laser. When we turn it on, we can clearly see beam...
  27. B

    A Laser beam represented with complex conjugate?

    Boyd - Nonlinear Optics page 5, there says 'Here a laser beam whose electric field strength is represented as $$\widetilde{E}(t) = Ee^{-iwt} + c.c$$But why is it written like this? Is it because the strength is the real part of the complex electric field? Then why doesn't he divide it by 2 after...
  28. E

    Can Quantum Laser Sintering Revolutionize 3D Printing?

    Hi. Me personally was touched by one patented technology "light engine with the ability to multiplex a single laser beam into several million microlasers". This technology use a sacral term "quantum". I try to understand how it is possible with 3kW. Thank to yours ideas and attention. Have a...
  29. D

    Centering a Laser Beam received from multiple directions

    Is it possible to set mirrors up in such a way that if you hit any area of any of the mirrors, the laser would be brought to a central location in the middle of the mirrors? I'm thinking of a way to transmit data in space via laser where you would want a large target for the laser to hit when...
  30. S

    Fraunhofer diffraction experiment- neural density filters

    I'm currently carrying out an experiment with Fraunhofer diffraction. It involves shining a laser beam through neural density filters, a lens and a diffraction grating, to create a diffraction pattern which is then picked up with a CCD camera, to find the intensity of the maximal peaks. However...
  31. G

    Intersecting 2 continuous laser in thin air to create a dot

    I am planning on making an experiment about intersecting continuous wave laser from 2 or more source on 1 point in thin air. The laser i am planning to use is the simple laser diode, pumped with continuous wave, instead of using pulsed wave as in the usual laser pointer as i don't need it to...
  32. B

    Gaussian beam spherical mirror reflection question

    Homework Statement Gaussian beam of radius R_i and beam width w_i, The beam is reflected off a mirror with a radius of curvature R = R_i and the reflectivity of this mirror is given as rho(r) = rho_0*exp(-r^2/a^2), where r is the radial distance from the center of the mirror and a is a...
  33. P

    Is it possible to bend a laser beam?

    If so how can we do that?
  34. spareine

    Sketch of the electric field of a laser beam

    I am trying to sketch the electric field E in snapshot of a linearly polarized laser beam. Is it correct that the E vectors bend from vertical to longitudinal near the cylindrical surface of the beam, and that all field lines within a half wave segment are closed loops?
  35. SirLollington

    Collimating a laser beam with a fixed focal point?

    Hey, Not sure if this is the correct sub-forum to post this question. I'm still kinda new here, so sorry if I got it wrong :smile: I have a laser module with a fixed focal point of 16 mm and I'm trying to collimate that light into a beam. The point of focused light is at most a quarter...
  36. Fernando

    Two spots with one laser beam in images

    Hello everyone. I have a question about Optics and I place here because I don't know if there are a specific thread. I am using a laser beam to calibrate position of several cameras. But instead of to have one spot in the image I have two spot. One of them is smaller of the other. I presume...
  37. S

    Ultraviolet Laser Beam Shaping With Constraints

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Lens equation 1/f = 1/d_o + 1/d_i Minimum Gaussian beam spot 2*w_0 = ((4 * lamda * F)/(pi * D)) Where: w_0 = beam waist (half beam diameter) lambda = wavelength F = focal length of lens D = diameter of incoming spot Don't forget to match units. Let...
  38. L

    Laser Beam Diameter which Minimizes Volume?

    Homework Statement Consider a 10 meter long gas column. We interrogate the gas molecules with a HeNe laser (lambda=633nm) at the minimum possible gas volume. If we focus the beam tightly, it will eventually diverge and the sampled gas volume will increase. Consider a minimum beam diameter D...
  39. Pakano

    Extreme focus of a radially polarized beam

    What happen if a radially polarized beam is extremely focused to a single spot? Is it disappeared because E-fields in opposite direction subtract each other?
  40. AdrianMachin

    Laser Pointer Troubleshooting: Solving Incoherence in a Red 650nm <5mW Beam

    I have a red 650nm and <5mW LASER pointer, but the beam is not very coherent. Actually, when I point to a wall at an approximately 300 meters away, the red point gets very large (about a meter in diameter). I wonder how a LASER could act like this?
  41. N

    Beam Divergence from non-circular laser beam

    Homework Statement The laser beam is not a point source. It is known that it has a rectangular shape with a divergence of 30 mrad x 1 mrad. I would like to know how large my laser lobe will be at a distance of 250 mm from the laser source. Homework Equations I think you can use trigonometri...
  42. M

    Temperature of Plexiglass due to laser strike

    Hello, Any hep is appreciated. In the lab we want to use a 0.3mm sheet of plexi to reduce the intensity of the UV KrF laser. We want to determine the temperature of the plexi sheet after the laser beam strikes it. We have all the information about the laser... Is there a specific formula...
  43. F

    I Laser Beam through Calcite crystal = Photon Entanglement?

    If I shine a laser beam through a calcite crystal, the beam is split in two, as shown below. Are the photons in the split beams in an entangled state?
  44. M

    Temporary magnetization of Casimir effect plates?

    Have any experiments on the Casimir effect tried what happens if the plates are temporarily magnetized when they are pulled together by the effect? E.g. measurements of what happens to passing laser beams and the like?
  45. hackhard

    Rotating coherent laser beam

    if a coherent laser beam rotates about an axis at very high angular frequency can a light dot with radiant glow (of short radius) be obtained due to persistence of vision ?
  46. P

    Laser beam in oil/water, why is it easier to see beam in oil

    Hi there I have a general question. I understand the process of light through a optically denser material, slower speed etc... but why would a laser beam in oil be easier to "see" than a laser beam through water. Cheers
  47. P

    Fast Q-switching of flash pumped Nd:YLF laser

    Hi friends! I solved the problem 8.3 of ``Problems in Lasers Physics'' book (by Cerullo, Longhi, Nisoli, Stagira and Svelto) but I think there's a mistake on the solution presented in this book in page 196. This is a problem book with problems and solutions that follows closely the laser...
  48. C

    Combing Lasers To Create One Mega Laser

    Hello, I am pretty new to physics but have a large amount of experience with Calculus and other sciences like chemistry. The theory I have come up with is that if I combine 6-8 5w laser beams together in a convex lens that can be moved forward or backward to change the focal point distance, I...
  49. R

    A CO2 Laser Beam Folding for 10kw Power Output

    Why is it that equivalent length is so important for laser beam power output (Length = Power/60) - http://www.laserk.com/newsletters/whiteCO.html. I was reading that in order to get multiple kilowatts of power out of a CO2 laser beam you have to fold the beam a great number of times. Why is...
  50. Marcin H

    Force exerted by laser beam

    Homework Statement Homework Equations F=(del)p/(del)t The Attempt at a Solution I understand how to do part a, but on part b I don't understand why the change in momentum is 2pi. I originally did the problem by just subbing (del)p with h/lambda. Why is it 2pi?