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Help.for the IMO.

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    hello friends .
    i need to your help please.i am a hight school student.and i want participat in the international olympiad .i heard about AMC.WOOT.USAMO.AIM.and i don't inderstand what does it mean.
    i know that i need to ressources to work.but i have no idea about it.
    please help me .
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    Get yourself a book on problem solving. I recommend "Art and craft of problems solving" by Paul Zeits. Also do a lot of problems from high school competitions. Begin with the easiest ones, and when you get a good grasp of the general ideas move on to a more difficult competition. What I mean by this is when most of the problems seem trivial and easy, then you should move on to something harder. You should also be familiar with and comfortable with applying basic proof techniques. This is my advice.
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    Which country do you live in? It can often be quite hard to be selected for a national team. It can come down to luck more than anything, so do not count on going to IMO. Just enjoy the problem solving process.
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    thanx .i am from morocco
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