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HELP I'm struggling in physics

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    HELP!!!! I'm struggling in physics

    I have a wksht that has 10 questions, I need help with 3. If you could show me the answers and explain (in detail to a certian degree) how you arrived at that answer i would appreciate it. Thanks.

    If the voltage difference between a positive and a negative region on the paper is 5.0 V, how much work would be needed to move 2.0 C of charge from the negative to the positive region?

    How much energy is necessary to move a 1.0 C charge on a 1.0 V equipotential to any other point on that equipotential?

    A multimeter reads 6.0 V when the probes are placed at points a and b. Point a is near a negative electrode and point b is near a positive electrode. If a 1.0 C charge is moved from point a to point b, what happens to its electric potential energy?
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    I think the ground rules are that you need to show some of your own work before anyone can "tell you the answers" and explain how we arrived at our answers. :)
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    Why current will not during reverse biasing through a dioad?
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    That is my problem.....I don't know how to do it....I don't have the formulas...If you can give me the formulas, then i can show some work and then you can tell me what is wrong.
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    Do you know the UNITS of Voltage, Work, and charge? How are the UNITS related? That's how you figure out what the "formulas" are.
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    I am not smart like you guyz. my teacher is a quack and some guy who minored in physics teaches us over the internet. I am no longer asking for the answers, just a push in the right dirrectioin ie a formula or somehtin.
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    Not everybody is "Science Smart", but don't sell yourself short. Everybody is good at something, this just happens to be a science forum. I think you'd be more right to say "science is not my thing".

    Anyway, tell us what YOU know so far. Formulas and such that you know of.
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    NVM....i figured it out after 5 hours of wasted time that you guys could have cleared up in 10 min. Thanks
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    To go from no clue to finished: you must have learnt quite a bit during that process.

    I guess thats the benefit of not spoon feeding.
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    not really....I had someone push me 1/2 way down the track, and i worked for 5 hours to finish....so much for no spooning.
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