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Help in Career

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    To all the electrical engineers out there, is it worth minoring or double majoring in something for electrical engineering. I don't really know the choices I have, so please let me know.

    Can you give me two separate answers(if the answers are different)
    1)Which minor/double major is most needed(in demand) out in the real world. In other words, which would increase my chances to land a job in the future.
    2)Which minor/double major would make me the most money?(also, tell me if the jobs in this field are plentiful or not) I hope to get a job that pays at least 70k in the future.

    edit: btw, I live in california if that matters for the above questions.

    Also, my school has a cap to how many units engineers may take, let me know around how many extra units it would take to double major in whatever your answer is for the above questions. I don't think minoring would be a problem.

    And if minoring/double majoring is not worth it at all, let me know. I don't want to waste my time and money in school.

    Thank you for your help

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    any advice at all? I'm kind of interested in programming, although I'm pretty new at it. So should I minor in CS? Or is it a waste of time?
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    Hey kElect and welcome to the forums.

    With regards to programming, if you are keen on this my advice is to take an introductory course or two and then work on some kind of project and then continue this kind of thing in a specific domain.

    Chances are you can find something at your university with some kind of research project where a bit of programming is required. Also if you do some kind of electrical/computing/telecommunications engineering, you will be doing this kind of thing in the relevant context.
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