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Help in my ig's

  1. May 21, 2007 #1

    does anyone know were to get math past papers for igcse level

    year 2006 will be really helpfull

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    I don't know if you'll find 2006 papers but this is where you can check it out:

    http://www.cie.org.uk/qualifications/academic/middlesec/igcse/subjects [Broken]

    all subject resources are availabe in this link.

    Good Luck :)
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    If you know what exam board you are studying with then they generally have past papers on their web sites. I think Edexcel and CIE will be most likely candidates.
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    I did that paper last year. There is nothing special about that paper. The previous papers were far harder. Just practise text book problems. If you are doing paper 4 practice drawing lots of different curve functions within 5 minutes.

    By the way last year's paper had people to graph y = 1/x + 3x. It simply then asks you to find the function of the line where the curve converges into.

    The exam boards tend not to release previous years' papers as schools use them for mock exams - it is to prevent cheats such as those who did so last year...
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