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Help: Looking for Gas property software

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    I'm looking for a gas property software which is used for turbine/expander. Below are the basic requirements for the tool:

    Inlet pressure, inlet temperature, discharge pressure, mass flow, process components & compositions.

    Isentropic head, density at inlet, density at outlet, liquid at inlet, liquid at outlet, Z, cp, cv…etc

    Equation: SRK, Peng-Robinson, BWR, LK

    Does anyone have any idea if there’s a tool which is good for nature gas applications?
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    If you want gas property software, then REFPROP from NIST is a good database. It comes with a .dll you can use in Excel or VB (I think C++ too). It cost about $200 bucks. Version 8 includes a good library on hydrocarbons.

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    thanks, but I forgot to mention that I need mixture. NIST is for pure gas. It calculates each state points, still requires some programming.
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    No, it can do mixtures too. For example, I used it to find properties for Natural Gas based on a typical sample.

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    you can try engineering equation solver(EES). Its up there on net as a student version.
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