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Homework Help: Help me calculate the speed of the basketball

  1. Feb 1, 2015 #1
    Here is the picture for you to understand it better.
    Please help me calculate the velocity required for the ball.
    I have already tried it with the formula:
    displacement = initial velocity(time) + (acceleration)(time2)/2
    but cannot since I do not know the initial velocity and the time basketball2.JPG
    Please help me and thanks.
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  3. Feb 1, 2015 #2
    The initial velocity is what you are looking for
  4. Feb 1, 2015 #3
    Yes I am looking for the initial velocity. Then I will calculate the force required to throw the ball
  5. Feb 1, 2015 #4
    Start by looking at x and y components of the velocity separately. Try to figure out what equations apply to these components
  6. Feb 1, 2015 #5
    Thanks. I got my answer!
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