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Help needed filling AIF for Waterloo.ENG

  1. Jan 30, 2008 #1
    I have to fill out an admission informations form.

    One of the questions:
    3. Personality Traits
    Engineering is a profession to which individuals can contribute in various ways. Some engineers are entrepreneurial; some are very creative and original; while others are more conservative and methodical in their work. Similarly, some engineers are strong leaders with management skills, while others contribute as strong team players in a supportive role. Discuss your particular personality traits, with reference to the activities summarized in sections 1
    and 2. [limit 300 words]

    section 1 is basically about my activities (extracurricular and curricular).

    I don't really know what to write. Does anyone know what the admission office is looking for or have any tips or guidance?
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    "I am a very fastidious individual and I don't like to get the wrong answer - while I was writing this synopsis of my personality I consulted www.physicsforums.com to see what other people thought would be an appropriate response for this form."
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    Talk about any leadership roles you've taken, or leadership qualities, its a very important trait in engineering to take lead on new idea and creativity.

    I cant tell you exactly what they're looking for, when I filled out this form I was lazy and answered with one liners because thought I would be choosing to go to Mcmaster. I changed my mind however and luckily I was still accepted despite appearing to be a big flake on these forms, hah.
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    AFAIK the AIF can only help your admission average, so they won't deduct marks based on the AIF though I believe you can get up to 5% added based on your AIF.
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