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Help on a Question

  1. Sep 29, 2004 #1
    Heres the thing

    Say i was to place 2 small charged spheres into and electric field which points downwards with a strength of 5000 [tex] N C^-1 [/tex]
    Can anyone firgure out the force expirienced if the two charges were
    +[tex]2*10^-6[/tex] and -[tex]5*10^-6[/tex]???
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    This Latex thing doesnt work to well...
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    This belongs in the homework section.

    And, yes, a lot of people can figure it out! The question is what have you tried so far?
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    Um, who said this was homework, practical expiriment perhaps?
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    Sorry, for sounding like that anyway...

    I tried using [tex]\frac{F=k q_1 q_2}{r^2}[/tex]

    But without the distance i had no idea
    and i also dont know how i should put the downwards force into the equation, should i use a vector?
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