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Homework Help: Help Plane motions rolling wheel

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    Help!!! Plane motions rolling wheel

    Hi there, I am not having any luck with this question at all and am hoping that there is someone out there that can help me out..... here goes:

    The below cyclinder rolls to the right at 10 in/sec. Determine the angular velocity of BC and CD

    I am actually trying to prepare for a midterm and am not getting anywhere close to the answers that I am supposed to get.

    I am using the following formulas: Vb= Vc/b + Vc
    I know for the radius of Vb that would be 12" + 6"/2 = 9"

    the biggest challenge for me I guess is when drawing the triangle, I am not getting the right angles, therefore, my answer is not correct.

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    Where is D in the figure? I get 1 rev/sec for BC.
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