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Help please -- Model of the capacitance and dielectric

  1. Oct 24, 2014 #1
    Hi everyone, I'm new in physics forum and this is my first post. So basically, our lecturer grouped us and gave each group a project to carry out. And the only information that we got is the name ( The one we got is "Model of the capacitance and dielectric" ).

    With only this information, me and my group doesn't really know what project to do. Please, someone help give some ideas and shed some light for our path. :L
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    Welcome to the PF, Jason.

    (Since this thread is about schoolwork, I've moved it to the Homework Help section of the PF.)

    Start by reading about capacitance and capacitors, and then do some reading about dielectrics and how they change the characteristics of a capacitor (versus a capacitor that just has air between the parallel plates). You can use Wikipedia for a start, and then use Google or your textbooks for more information. If you have a specific question about your reading, please link to it here and ask your question. :-)
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    Anyone? Any ideas?
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