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Help Selecting a Class

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    I was going to take Differential Equations in the coming fall but decided to take it over the summer. I now need to take something else in the fall and I can't make a decision.
    I am a chemical engineering student it will be my 2nd year this coming fall but I have already finished all my Gen-eds the classes I am choosing between are as follows. I included course descriptions from the registrar homepage

    CGN3710 Experimental Methods in Civil Engineering
    Fundamentals and applications of measuring systems commonly used in civil engineering. Topics include recording techniques, strain, force, displacement, flow, temperature, humidity and PH measurements.

    EEL3111C Circuits 1
    Basic analysis of DC and AC electric circuits. Laboratory.

    EMA4125 Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing
    Science and application of momentum, heat and mass transport in materials and materials processing.

    EMA4314 Energetics and Kinetics in Materials Science
    Foundations of energetics and kinetic theory with applications to processes in materials science

    CHM3217 One-Semester Organic Chemistry
    A rigorous, one semester overview of the structure, properties and reactions of organic compounds. This is the first half of a two-semester sequence in biochemistry. Students are expected to take CHM 3218 after completing CHM 3217.

    Those are the only classes I had considered so if anyone could tell me which would be msot useful for me as I am interested in doing an REU this coming summer and I will be working in a lab this coming Fall doing work in drug delivery mechanism development. All suggestions welcome.

    One last thing my other classes are as follows:
    Calculus 3
    Analytical Chemistry and Lab
    Materials and Energy Balances (5 credit ChemE class)
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    Everybody will have their own biased opinion. So here's mine: organic chemistry! I loved it, especially the lab portion. My choice of this could mainly be due to my hate in physics and anything to do with it, and the rest of the courses you listed are physics-related.
    Organic chemistry will require you to memorize or "learn" a lot of reactions, but then I'm sure your pretty good at that if you're in engineering :)

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    If you're doing chemical engineering and want an REU in drug delivery systems, then the Organic Chemistry course is going to be essential. 2nd year is the appropriate time to take organic chem. Those upper level materials science classes sound like something you'd want to take after you get that other materials class out of the way. I would expect organic chem is going to be a pre-requisite for upper level classes you're going to need to take as well, so better to get that out of the way early. Analytical chem and organic chem aren't sequence dependent, so you can take them together and not worry that you need information in one to understand the other, but both of them are important for advanced chem classes.
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