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Homework Help: Help The Vector Nature of Newton's Seond Law of Motion

  1. Sep 27, 2006 #1
    help....The Vector Nature of Newton's Seond Law of Motion

    A 350-kg sailboat has an acceleration of 0.62m/s2 at an angle of 64 degress north of east. Find the magnitude and direction of the net force that acts on the sailboat.

    I have f=ma to find the force.

    Then i'm not really sure about the magnitude and direction.
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    I believe you have to decompose the vector. You have to find [tex] F_{x} [/tex] and [tex] F_{y} [/tex] using the relationships [tex] F_{x} = F\cos\theta, F_{y} = F\sin\theta [/tex]. You are already given the net force.
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