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Help to write a psudoecode (formal) of this procedure.

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    This is the core idea-

    I would like to write a formal psudoecode (latex), but as new writer I am having hard time to write, whatever I wrote is not easy to understand, so i would appreciate forum members help. Steps are-
    1. Divide the matrix of graph G according to above link's descrption.
    2. Divide the matrix of graph H, for all possible combinations according to above link's descrption.
    3. Check all combinations of H with the defined(found in step 1) G's matrix.
    ** consider the E matrix as matrix which has distinguishable tuple/row.

    A presentation is-
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    Write your pseudo code like an outline and successively refine it with minor steps. Major steps might be multiply matrix A and B, minor steps might looping through cell by cell multiplication.

    Code ( (Unknown Language)):

    1) do this major step
        - do minor step 1
        - do minor step 2
            -- do this really minor step 1
    2) do this major step

    Here's a Khan Academy talk on pseudo code:

    https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-programming/programming/good-practices/p/pseudo-code [Broken]#
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