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Help Understanding Wiring Diagrams.

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    Hello All,

    I was wondering if anyone can help me interpret these wiring schematics. As some know, im trying to use a stepper motor to generate power. The motor can be wired in both unipolar and bipolar configurations. From my research, it seems to get the most power a Bipolar configuration would be best. The motor's specifications list:

    Bipolar Parallel current = 1.70A/phase
    Bipolar Series current = 0.85A/Phase

    From what a gather the motor's wiring in either (Bipolar Series) or (Bipolar parallel) takes place by combining leads on the motor before the final set of two pairs of 2 leads, reaches each rectifier. I am under the impression that the voltage doubler circuit is in series and that it rectifies and combines each phase into one output. That said (disregarding rectifier drop) Would this voltage doubler circuit combine the phases to equal double the amperage of each phase? in either orientation (1.70A or 0.85A) to equal (3.4A or 1.7A) As a final DC output?

    And Am I correct that the series or parallel motor connections take place at the motor motor before the rectifier to give me either 0.85A/phase or 1.70A/phase? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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